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Full Day City Trip To Mombasa

Full Day City Trip To Mombasa

Bamburi Quarry Nature Trail (Haller Park) is forested and stocked with plants and animals to creates a mini wildlife park containing eland, oryx, buffaloes, hippos, giraffes, bush pigs and various monkeys and birds. There is also a palm nursery, fish farm, crocodile farm, and splendid giant tortoises and reptile pit on the site.
Bombolulu cultural centre (founded in 1969). This is a craft training school and manufacturing center that employs over 260 disabled people, mostly polio victims. Jewellery workshop is the money spinner with hundreds of original designs in metals and local materials (old coins, seeds) now being exported to U.S.A and Europe. There are traditional dances as well.
Fort Jesus is the biggest attraction in the old town and dominates the harbour entrance. It was built in 1593 by the Portuguese and these days it is a museum. The Fort was designed by an Italian architect, Joao Batista Cairato.
The most interesting features today include the Oman House, the museum and the western wall of the fort is probably the most interesting and includes the Oman audience hall and the passage of the arches (passage cut through the coral giving access to the outer part of the fort although it was later blocked off).

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